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Regia unit

Units in these kusudamas connect partly in the same way, but the number of units vary. I invented this unit 11/Jun/2010

regi2 kusudamaregi3 kusudamaregi1 kusudama

Regia-30 variation

This model came from the desite of less modules with the same "Regia connection". At first I tryed to use strips of paper to minimise the number of units, but then I came to a square and got two additional petals for each unit. I invented this variation 11/Jun/2010.

30 pieces, connection: nothing, folded by me

Regia-30 kusudama
Regia-30 kusudama

Regia-60 variation

This kusudama is glued with inner waterbomb bases, but petals hold each other without any paste. I invented this variation 11/Jun/2010.

60 + 30 connections pieces, connection: glue, folded by me

Regia-60 kusudama