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Frequently asked questions

Q: I want to make a video-tutorial for your origami model. Is it ok?
A: Please, contact me first.

Q: Can I post your origami works in my blog / homepage / fb account?
A: You can post several photographs in your blog, but the link to kusudama.me is obligatory. And I am strongly against reposting my diagrams. You can always make the link to them.

Q: Can I remove the copyright signs from the pictures?
A: No. It’s prohibited by international copyright laws.

Q: Can I copy or print origami diagrams for educational purposes?
A: Yes, if it’s a non-commercial usage. For any commercial usage contact me first.

Q: Does this site include everything you have ever composed?
A: Not all actually. I try to update the site with my newest works, but it’s not easy to do it often. For the some of freshest models you can visit my flickr photostream.

Q: There’s a model on the site, which I want to fold, but there’s no diagrams. Is it possible to obtain instructions?
A: If there’s no diagram, that means that it either don’t exist or is offered for sale. If you want to buy the diagrams, please contact me.

Q: Can you make the diagrams for that pretty model? I want it soo…
A: Yes, if you want to pay me. To make all the diagrams that anybody ever asked me to make I should give my work up and draw all the time…

Q: May I link to the site?
A: Yes, of course.

Q: What should I do, if I want to publish these pictures or to use them commercially?
A: Contact me for the permission.

Q: Where can I learn more about origami and copyright policy?
A: Here are several useful articles on origami copyright.


Terms of use

All content from this site: photographs, diagrams and text can be copied for personal use only. No commercial usage without special permission! If you want to use it commercial contact me.