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Victoria unit

Victoria flowers on the Radianta. I invented this unit 2010-03-13

vict2 kusudama vict3 kusudama vict1 kusudama vict4 kusudama vict5 kusudama

Victoria variation

Flowers are connected without glue, but to hold them on the base you should use glue, pins or thread. I invented this variation 2010-03-13.

60+30 pieces, connection: nothing, folded by me

Diagram for Victoria kusudama

Victoria-L variation

The variation of Victoria, made of 1:2 strips. Requires less units and no glue. Take the diagram of Victoria and make units from 1:2 strips. Each unit will contain two Victoria patterns. I invented this variation 2010-06-10.

30 pieces, connection: nothing, folded by me

Victoria-L kusudama
Victoria-L kusudama