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To obtain this exotic but very simple kusudama you will need 30 paper sheets with proportion 1:2. You can also take a different sheet proportion paper, but for the first time I'd recommend to take 1:2. Such papers can be achieved by cutting square note-papers. You also need the long stick for opening of the modules.

Even a novice in origami can fold this simple module: it's very simple. The only task is then to blow it. Try this action on a single unit to train it. For this action put the stick into the module and begin to open it. Then push with your finger to the center of the module. It deforms and blows! When you've trained this skill well, you can assemble 30 units to the kusudama. Assemble not puffed out modules. Only after the construction of icosahedron (it may look rather unpleasant on this step) puff the modules up. After blowing up it would become beautiful and lightweight. Enjoy!