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You will need thread, a piece of paper, crochet hook and scissors

Take a piece of paper or a cardboard and start to spool the thread

You can use your own fingers instead of cardboard

As soon as you've spooled enough to make the tassel thick, cut the thread

You have a lot of spooled thread

Lock the hank with two or more knots

You can make additional knots

Make the hank more tassel-like

Take the second thread and make a knot

You can make multiple knots

Spool the thread over the hank

You can change the direction and continue spooling

As soon as you finished spooling, take the crocket hook and hide the end of the thread underneath

Repeat if necessary

Cut the lose end

Cut the lower loops and make the tassel regular

The tassel is complete!

Take a long needle

Decorate the thread with beads and knots and pass it through your kusudama

Decorate the upper part of the thread and form the loop for hanging

Cut unused thread

Tassel-decorated kusudama is complete!